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Truly Trivia Grand Prize Tournament Rules and Info:

  1. Tournament of champions runs Wednesdays for 6 weeks starting 7/13/22. Completing 8/17/22.

  2. Teams must have a team captain listed with the Trivia Host

  3. Teams may change team name week to week, however Team Captain must be present to change name

  4. Trivia Team must be between 2-6 players to participate and players may change in and out during the 6 weeks as long as the team captain remains constant

  5. Teams need not show up every week to participate in tournament

  6. THIS IS AN ADDITIONAL COMPETITION DESIGNED TO AWARD REGULAR PLAYERS...all weekly rules, format, prizes will remain as usual

  7. Any teams using outside sources of help (cell phones, i-pods, laptops) for answers will be eliminated from the competition

  8. Any answer discrepancies MUST be submitted to the TRIVIA HOST IN WRITTEN FORM... any changes or modifications will be at the Trivia Host’s discretion

  9. Discretion of the Trivia Host regarding any of these rules is final

SCORING for the 6 week period will be as dollows

SCORING for the 6 week period will be as dollows

SCORING for the 6 week period will be as dollows

  1. THREE points awarded to the 1ST PLACE team each week

  2. TWO points awarded to the 2nd PLACE team each week

  3. TWO points awarded to the 3rd PLACE team each week

  4. ONE point awarded for all other PARTICIPATING teams each week


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