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2X Players' Club Raffle Entry
3X $1,000 Cash - Table Share
4X $2,500 Cash - Table Share
5X $25,000 Cash - Table Share


Jackpots are divided between players who had a minimum wager  of $2 directly on the number in each of the previous spins.

Roulette Repeater Promotion will conclude on Wednesday 7/13/22.

The “Roulette Repeater Jackpot” is a promotion that qualifies only at Roulette. Players are awarded prizes based on the number of times they hit the same number consecutively with a minimum of a $2 wager directly on the number. Prizes start at the first repeater (two in row) all the way up to five times in a row.  Prize amounts increase based on the number of times the same number is repeated consecutively.


Terms & Conditions: 

  • Boston Billiard Club & Casino's (BBC&C) “Roulette Repeater Jackpot” promotion is for customers who play on the Roulette tables and place a minimum $2 bet on a straight up winning number.

  • If the ball drops 2, 3, 4 or 5 times on the same number in a row, then players who bet a minimum of $2 on that number (straight up) will share the cash prize pool.

  • Only players who placed a bet of $2 or more on each round will qualify for the shared prize pool.


Customers will win an equal share of the prize pool according to the prizes below

  • 2 times in a row - Players' Club Raffle Entry

  • 3 times in a row - $1,000 - Table Share

  • 4 times in a row - $2,500 - Table Share 

  • 5 times in a row - $25,000 - Table Share

There will be a limit of ONE Roulette Repeater maximum Jackpot per gaming day. Additional 3-5x repeaters on the same gaming day will receive a maximum $1,000 prize. For example, if 4 times in a row is hit for the Roulette Repeater Jackpot, the first win of the day will split the $2,500 prize between the qualifying players. Any 3-5 in a row following that in the same gaming date will split the $1,000 prize between the qualifying players.


  • A qualifying game round for the purpose of the promotion is defined only as real money wagers that covers less than 67% of the possible outcomes on the Roulette wheel.

  • The accreditation of the cash prizes will take place within one week after any of the Jackpots have been triggered.

  • Boston Billiard Club & Casino reserves the right to amend or withdraw this Promotion or to amend these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.

  • Boston Billiard Club & Casino reserves the right to take reasonable steps to verify any claim. If breach of these rules, or fraud is suspected, the Promoter may refuse to process the claim.

  • Any abuse of the Promotion may lead to all bonus funds being withdrawn.

  • Boston Billiard Club & Casino reserves the right to void any entry if it suspects that the person participating in the Promotion is not eligible to do so.

  • A player can qualify or win another bonus simultaneously when qualifying for a Roulette Repeater Jackpot. (i.e. High Roller Dice, Pit Monthly Raffle, etc)

  • All funds are operator-funded and not commingled with any funds being collected for player-funded jackpots.

  • If this promotion is terminated, prizes will no longer be paid. 

  • Table Games promotions advance the purposes of RSA 287-D by offering an incentive to players to participate in charitable gaming at Boston Billiard Club & Casino. The charities benefit from increased volume as the result is additional charitable gaming revenue.

  • Management reserves the right to alter or cancel promotion at any time, and for any reason and use reasonable judgment in the event of any disputes not covered by these game rules.

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