Win a MAX Buy-In on Thursdays

Updated: Apr 14

The newest addition to our constantly rotating high hand calendar, “Max Buy-In High Hand,” had officially made its debut last Thursday at Boston Billiard Club & Casino.

The bigger then stakes, the higher the prize! A few things to address:

Players do NOT have to be into a game for the max to win the max. An example would be 2/5 NLH. If a player buys in for $300 and wins the high hand they will received $1,000 for the win based on the stakes not what they started with.

Players do NOT have to be playing one set stakes for the duration of the day. For example if you receive the high hand in a 1/3 game while waiting for a 1/2 seat, you will be paid $500 for the hand. Whatever stakes the player wins the hand in will determine how much the player is paid.

The high hand clock starts at noon on Thursdays and hands will be paid every hour all the way to 10PM that evening. Come try your luck, take a shot at some higher stakes and reap the rewards 👍🏻👍🏻

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