Will Gets Paid in ♦️DIAMONDS♦️

Updated: Apr 29

Safe to say that “lightning struck“ our friend Will in the form of good fortune at Boston Billiard Club & Casino this past Tuesday ⚡️ ⚡️

Players and staff alike witnessed an absolute “unicorn“ of a hand that landed Will a healthy pay day!

Starting out with a $6 bet, Will tried his luck with the 9♦️8♦️ as his starting hole cards. The dealer revealed a J♦️ 10♦️ as her first two cards (an open-ended straight flush draw). Much to everyone’s surprise (and delight), the third and final card was the 7♦️ completing the elusive straight flush and landing Will 500x his ante, good for a pay day of $3,000!!

Congrats to you sir, on your very well-deserved winner! Our tables are sizzling, our jackpots are juiced. Come on by and grab a piece of the action ♠️❤️♠️❤️

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