Who's still in?!

Katlyn Arruda, pictured below, is still holding on strong with a hefty stack! Each purple plaque is 100K in chips. She has about 1 Million in chips, just after our first break of the day.

BBC&C cash regular, John Porter is still in (pictured below), sitting with approximately 500K in chips. I promise he is happy :).

Kyle Davis, one of the early chip leaders in his flight, Day 1D, is hanging in there with 600K in chips.

Kobe Nguon (pictured below), a cash regular at BBC&C and primarily PLO player, is seated next to Day 2 chip leader Katlyn Arruda.

Charles Marcinkewich (pictured below) is hanging on in today's event. Whether he is short stacked or has a massive chip lead, I can always manage to catch him smiling.

Sean Miller II (pictured below) was in up until the last hour of play. Our bounty was hunted down by Erick Kemp (not pictured) who ended up taking 26th place for $650. Miller cashed 40th for $500.

For those who don't know, we have have hosted a Veteran's Day Bounty for the holiday in the past with our beloved, former Veteran and manager Dan Decoteau as the bounty. Late this summer, we unexpected lost Dan to a terrible accident. BBC&C and Dan Decoteau's family decided to continue this event in his memory as he is dearly missed. Since we had over 400 seats available, we made the decision to allow staff to play this event. We are proud to announce we have several of our team members still in the event holding strong, and have event made the money! We are proud to have them representing our team and Dan's memory.

Jeff Smith, Director of Casino Operations at BBC&C is still hanging in there. Pictured below he is sitting with about 350K in chips. We are currently at level 20, and Jeff has managed to double up to 600K.

Dom Nguyen, Casino Manager & Team Lead Trainer, sits with approximately 800K in chips. This photo (below) was taken just after Dom knocks out bounty winner, Erick Kemp.

Jack Kelley, casino dealer (pictured below), is among the final 18 players.

Kaley Cotnoir, casino dealer, pictured below sitting next to Dom Nguyen, took 31st place for $600.

A few other casino dealers made the money today as well. They are not pictured, but include:

28th: Juan Rubio- $600

46th: Nick Russo- $450

47th: Dylan Sweatt- $450

49th: Miguel Navedo- $400

Congrats to everyone so far! More updates to come!

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