Who is the "Brady Dog"?

In yesterday's headline Grossi Still Hanging on After Early Chip Lead.., a gentleman was reference as a "collector of chips" as he had maintained a decent chip stack AND took out BBC&C, frequenter Dennis Rainville. I found out who this mysterious man was just before the end of DAY 1A.

I would like to introduce to the New Hampshire tournament poker, Dave "Brady Dog" Thompson. His nickname is self proclaimed as he carries a picture of his beloved dog, Brady, as his lucky charm. Thompson was telling me yesterday that he is new to New Hampshire poker tournaments as his first event was played on Memorial Day. Ironically, Thompson was THE player Dennis Rainville busted out in the previous post, "Playing Possum" gets Dennis a Double! Sorry Dennis, Thompson was ready for you this time!

Dave "Brady Dog" Thompson was an avid poker in the 80's and slowed down while raising his family with his wife. He ended DAY 1A bagging mid-pack, 8th in chips for a total of 324K. Welcome back to the poker world Mr. Thompson, we look forward to seeing back at DAY 2 on Sunday!

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