Various chip leaders of Day 1D sitting at $250K plus in chips..

Kyle Davis, pictured below, after taking out an opponent in seat 3 at his table. Davis had QJ and flopped two pair, and turned a full-house to beat his opponent's AQ heads up. Davis has just over $250K in chips after this hand.

The gentleman pictured below, we will call "Olive Hoodie Man" for now has almost $300K in chips. While I am typing this, I actually see him take in a pot which looks like a double up! More information to come...

Jordan Phillips, pictured below, is actually sitting to Sean Miller's immediate right in the tournament. Phillips also has just about $300K in chips.

Shortly after reporting our bounty has around $100K in chips, we turn around and find him close to tripled up with approximately $300K in chips.

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