“V” wins the “Three!”

Congrats to Boston Billiard Club & Casino poker regular “V” on his huge SMASH💥 of $3,000 in Poker Plink-O yesterday! Nice to see a familiar face winning one of the big ones!

Having not hit the previous week, our jackpot was at a whopping $3,000 when “V’s” high hand of K’s full of 5’s survived the hour and gave him the opportunity to drop the puck!

Poker Plink-O has changed a little bit. The player’s now get to select which bottom pocket the grand prize is located! “V” opted with the left post and after initially kicking toward the middle the puck came SCREAMING backwards to the left post to give “V” the grand prize!

Way to go buddy, you deserve it! Poker promotions are running 7👏 Days👏 A👏Week👏.

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