Updates from the Chip Leaders: Past & Emerging

"Brady Dog" has been moved to Thielen's table now sitting to her right. Thielen still sits strong with 260K. "BD" Thompson sits with close to 300K chips.

A few hands later, he puts some pressure on the table chip leader, who has 350K in chips, with an all-in and is able to scoop a few extra chips as the chip leader decides to pick a better spot (chip leader pictured below, to the left of "mystery man", now identified as Domonic Monzione.)

Monzione (pictured above, right in blue) sits currently with about 250K in chips.

Table 850 has two solid chip leaders that have emerged. Currently sitting at table 850, seat 6, the gentleman below sits with about 325K. He seems cool and content with his position for the afternoon.

Sitting immediately to the right is our very excited TOP chip leader over all players (just under 400K). He is a little bit more excited as he proclaims "Take my picture, I am from NY".

These two gentleman share a table with "The General" who is still in and holding on under 200K in chips.

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