Updated Chip Counts at Second Break:

-These are currently the TOP TEN chip stacks for Day 1B listed below in order from greatest to least.

(Photo of Table #800)

  1. Greg Harding- 175,000

  2. Mike Hinkle- 162,000

  3. Andre "Dre" R.- 156,000

  4. Kevin Milas- 147,000

  5. Chris Perkins- 146,500

  6. Alex Frye- 142,000

  7. Ryan Todt- 133,500

  8. Jim McD.- 127,000

  9. Jack Journeay- 117,000

  10. "Captain" Jack Colon- 112,500

Although there is no real dominant chip leader as of yet, there is, however, a dominant chip table.

Table #800 (featured above) houses FOUR of the top ten big stacks including the top two chip leaders Greg Harding and Mike Hinkle! Safe to say there has been quite the firework show displayed across this table, let's see what's in store for the "Grand Finale" shall we?!

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