“Updated” Chip Counts at Break!

Moe Delhoum (tan) returns from break to a top three stack as Day 1B commences

Here’s a look at some of the bigger chip stacks after the second break, though “updated” might be a bit of a stretch at the rate pots are being exchanged from one player to another! As it stands now though we have:

1) Kobe Nguon - 278,000

2) Moe Delhoum - 256,000

3) Josh Poegel - 250,500

4) Bao Bao Duong - 215,000

5) Leonard Brotman - 198,500

6) Dylan Sweat - 197,000

7) Matt Decker- 184,000

8) Zach Charron - 177,000

Couple #TeamBostonBilliards notables left in the mix as the tourney continues with 56 players coming back from second break. Good luck everyone 👍🏻

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