Triple Up for “The Keene Machine!”

An action packed hand landed in Mark Martin’s (Keene, NH) favor as he more than tripled up! The hand played like so...

With blinds at the 600/1200/1200 level Martin and two players to his left decided to “smooth call” the blinds. Small Blind folded and the Big Blind opted to check their option.

UTG+1: 6♦️6♠️

Martin: Q❤️9❤️

Middle Position (MP): XX

Big Blind (BB): K♣️J♦️

As if it were scripted the K❤️J♠️6❤️ flop brought MAJOR action. Both BB and UTG+1 decided to check their monster hands (top two and bottom set) allowing Martin to take a stab with his “combo-draw.” MP decided to lay the call with neither player realizing the monster hands that lurked behind them!

BB opted to check/raise their top two pair, to a total bet of 10,000. UTG+1 laid the call with their bottom set, giving both Martin and MP the right price to call behind.

Turn: A❤️

Absolute DYNAMITE card for Martin delivering him the nut flush. Both BB and UTG+1 check to him where he decides to swiftly shove “All-In” for a total of 14,500. After deliberating for some time MP decides to bow out and both the BB and UTG+1 decide to call putting Martin at risk for his tournament life!

River: 8❤️

The river card produces no help for either the set or the top-two, as both players check it down fearing the “four flush” that has now hit the board. No matter for “The Keene Machine” as he was all in and was delivered maximum value! Congrats Mark, well played hand!

Players are approaching second break now with about 2/3 on the field remaining. Good luck the rest of the way! 😎

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