There’s More Than “One” Way to Win “Two” K!

Special congrats to our “Big Winners” yesterday who all scored $2,000+ for their participation in the various games offered at BBC&C!

Both Pai Chen and Chris G. received $2,000 for their poker high hands as a part of our “Big Ticket Tuesday” high hand prizes!

Poker isn’t the only route to riches though! Featured above, Bill, received $2,100 when his fully loaded pair of 8’s resulted in Four-of-a-kind paying 35-1 on his “fully-loaded” $6 bet!

There are many different ways to win at Boston Billiard Club & Casino! Whether it’s poker, pit or just good times with friends; there is plenty of fun and excitement waiting just beyond the door! Congrats to these three big winners who is going to be next?!

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