The Ladies are raking in the pots!

Elaine Cyr

Four hours into the event, Elaine Cyr (pictured above) is one of the early chip leaders with approximately 180K in chips. Her and Luis Ortega go back and forth picking chips off one another as they share the same table where he knocked out his cousin. Table 890 is definitely hot!

Lisa Seely (pictured below) takes some chips off PLO regular Dom Armano. Hand plays out STRAIGHT over HIGHER STRAIGHT where Seely’s turned, Queen High Straight beats Armano’s rivered Ten High Straight. Both were open ended on their draws.

Lisa Seely

Lorraine Gleason, another NH Tournament Regular and lady of poker can be seen (pictured below) taking out a player at her table with J♣️ 3♣️! She most recently joined us for our Ladies International Poker Series- L.I.P.S 💋event a few weeks ago.

Lorraine Gleason

Thanks for joining us Ladies! Go get ‘em!

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