The “King” of Mississippi!

HUGE shoutout to Boston Billiard Club & Casino player George M. for his “BIG Winner” bonus in the table game, Mississippi Stud.

George was able to turn just a $2 bet into a major score! Having posted his $2 Ante George was dealt two K’s (a “no brainer”) which allowed him to fully load his bet to $20 total. Fortune was on his side as the other two K’s came on the board giving him QUADS for a 35-1 payout! Not bad right? Well it gets better!

George hit the quads in the correct hour of the “Mississippi Madness” promo landing him an ADDITIONAL $3150 to go with his hand for a major pay day! Congrats again brother, well-deserved 👍🏻👍🏻. The jackpot costs the players no extra money, you qualify for these jackpots just by playing!

This is the second major prize to hit in the BBC&C “Mississippi Madness” promo. Quad J’s was dealt the month before and look how quickly the prize pool has filled back up! Already back up to over $2,000! Although K’s has been reset, the elusive Quad Aces & Queens have yet to be hit and are just waiting to pop! Come try your luck at Boston Billiard Club and see if they’re waiting for you 😎

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