The "Featured Table"

Although there is no "official" featured table running in this event, without question one in particular could be classified as so!

If you've played tournament poker in New Hampshire through the years, odds are you've played alongside or heard the name "Jim Cowdell." Known for his funny quips and antics, Cowdell is known for his unique style of play and "SHIFTING GEARS!" Don't let his demeanor fool you though. He is a force to be reckoned with, having stood the test of time with tournament success in all the big New Hampshire poker rooms over the past 10+ years!

Chris "Slice" Paolino is another local grinder that has had years of success through playing both online and live poker, tournaments and cash. His calculated bet-sizing and stoic image at the table make it very difficult to get a read off of him. Using the online name "3-bet light," Slice has been known to mix up his range a bit putting opponent's to the test! Definitely a strong contender in the field.

Making his return debut, is our defending champion, Stephen Patronick. A unique style of his own, Patronick was a dominating force all throughout both Day 1 and 2 of the last BBC&C $250. Cranking up the aggression at the right times has proved to be lucrative for him in the past. Let's see if his good fortune remains as he battles for chips on this tough table!

John Pham is another locally known player who is somewhat of a "silent assassin" on the felt. Through his disciplined play, instincts and tight/aggressive style "J.P." has seen tournament success all through New Hampshire and some of the major tournament series hosted at the casinos! Although he might not stand out, staying off the radar is the most dangerous thing about him!

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