Tartarsky Triples up for over 2M!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Tartarsky becomes the tournament leader just at the end of level 19th in a 3-way all-in!

Forge, (pictured left) calls Vinny D.'s (pictured right) all-in of 355K. Forge actually has only 315K. Tartarsky, who already called a bet pre-flop decides the price is right to attempt to take down this pot and for a chance at a double elimination.

Vinny D. : A♣️ 7♣️

Forge: 10♣ 10♠️

Tartarksy: K♥️ 9♥️✅

Board: 7♠️ 2♦️9♦️ 5♣️ K♦️

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