Super Bowl Squares High Hands

Updated: Feb 13

Our Super Bowl "Pregame" High Hands have wrapped, the players have selected their squares and our team has randomly assigned the scores for the Rams and Bengals.

Now our players get to see who landed the coveted number combinations and who is going to need to see a whole lot of 2-point conversions to pull down a win.

And here are the player selections and assigned numbers!

And a easier-to-read version!

Remember be present in the poker room to double your winnings!

Squares Pay.... 1st Quarter: $250 or $500 2nd Quarter: $500 or $1,000 3rd Quarter: $250 or $500 4th Quarter: $2,000 or $4,000

Also... additional High Hands will continue throughout the evening: $400 Hourly from 6-10PM!

And watch Mr. Russo select the team scores!

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