Some “C-Notes” for Gino

Updated: May 25

Special congrats to our friend Gino on his 5-Card-Straight-Flush this week at Boston Billiard Club & Casino!

For just a $2 wager to start, Gino was able to score a FOUR FIGURE pay day! Can you say low risk, high reward?!

Gino started off with the two 6♦️10♦️ in our popular Mississippi Stud and decided to roll with it. Much to his delight the board ran off 7♦️8♦️9♦️ completing the “unicorn” hand and a great score! Great job Gino!

Our jackpots for Stud are absolutely JUICED right now. See for yourself…

Quad Q’s in the right hour slot will land you an ADDITIONAL $5,000 on top of the normal payouts! The beautiful thing is it costs no money to qualify for. Right place, right time and the money is yours. This promotion runs 7-day-a-week 😎🙌

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