“Skullman” and Mock Clash! Big Hand Ensues!

It didn’t take long in a field with so many strong players before there was a literal “Clash of the Titans!”

Frank “Skullman” Harrington and David Mock, two NH players that have had phenomenal success both locally and as far as the WSOP in Las Vegas, squared off in a hand that ultimately led to an elimination!

Mock: 10♣️9♣️

Skullman: K♠️Q♠️

With blinds at the 400/800 level “Skullman” raised to 3,800 from the Hi-Jack after two players had limped in front. Mock defended his button as both blinds and limpers folded bringing heads up action to the flop.

Flop: 7♦️ 6❤️ 2♣️

“Skullman” decided to continue on firing, this time with a bet of 7,000. Mock wasn‘t done yet though, and laid the call behind to the turn.

Turn: 6♦️

“Skullman” decided to shift gears and opted to check the turn giving Mock the action. Carefully calculating, Mock throughout a bet of 9,500, putting the pressure on “Skullman.” After some time in the “think tank” Harrington laid the call and the two saw a river!

River: K❤️

With action back on “Skullman” he checked over to Mock who declared he was “All-In” as he pushed 13,200 into the middle. Much to his dismay, the K❤️ had improved “Skullman’s” hand to two pair and he made the call against Mock’s busted straight draw. Great battle on both ends!

Skullman: 87,400

Mock: Eliminated

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