Silva All-in with Queens!

Dan Silva (pictured standing), another NH Tournament Poker Regular came to get in the action this afternoon. He landed himself all-in with Queens (Q♥️ Q♠️), but don't worry, he wins✅....

Blinds are 600/1200. Silva goes all-in pre-flop for around 30K. The Button calls his all-in with A♥️ J♣️.

Flop: J♠️ 7♣️ 9♣️

Here you can see Dan's expecting to see a Jack or a ♣️ Club to improve his opponent's hand. Luckily, it plays out in his favor 🍀.

Turn: 8♦️


Not only is top pair good, but Silva also improves his hand by riveting a STRAIGHT! In this photo he is still a little shell shocked. It's okay to breath and smile Dan 😅.

Two hands after this, his opponent from this hand goes all-in short stacked with pocket Threes. The player to Silva's left, (pictured above) knocks him out with pocket Aces. A lot of action on table 810.

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