Setting the Stage for our Next $250 Poker Tournament, the “Danno” Memorial!

A little more than 3 weeks away until cards are in the air for our Veteran’s Day $250! Set to be Boston Billiard Club & Casino’s biggest event yet, this multi-day tournament will have FOUR “Day 1” flights each with 108 players!

Here is a look at the tournament structure posted below:

With a 50,000 starting chip stack, blinds will start at 30 minutes up till level 20 and then JUMP up to 45 minutes from level 21 on meaning there will be plenty of time and opportunity at the later stages of the event!

Dates and start times are listed above! Although there are a lot of available seats, this event is expected to be a sellout! A tribute to the late Daniel “Danno” Decoteau, a lot of local players and staff are going to want to show their support and register to play this event. Don’t miss out!

There will be more information provided on potential bounties stationed in the event, a winner’s trophy and TONS more! Hope you’ll be able to join us 👍🏻

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