Plink-O PLUS!

Come in tomorrow, January 10th, and join us for a chance to win $3,000 in our re-vamped Poker Plinko!

A fan favorite for poker high hands, we have de-bugged a single jackpot winner and instead, give every high hand winner a chance at grabbing some major bucks!

“How does it work?” you ask. It’s a pretty simple concept. Any hourly high hand winner will be given “tokens” along with the signature, Plink-o puck. The token breakdown is pretty simple:

One 2x token for a Full House

Two 2x token(s) for Four of a Kind

Three 2x token(s) for a Straight Flush

Every 2x token can be used to increase the value of the base prizes! Here’s an example:

If you win the hourly high hand with a straight flush, you will receive three, individual “2x tokens.” These tokens can be combined or used individually. So if all three tokens are placed over a $500 prize and the puck lands in that spot, that lucky player will win $3,000! ($500 x 6x).

If that same player would like to increase their chances of a bigger prize…. That works too! Simply spread your 2x tokens across the base prizes and double three, individual spots (Ex: $500>$1000, $400>$800 & $300>$600). The option is entirely yours 😎

This promotion will be running from 2PM-10PM tomorrow where every lucky high hand winner has a chance at making some major money! Come on by and give it a chance 👍🏻👍🏻

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