"Playing Possum" gets Dennis a Double!

Knowing when to step on the gas and when to hit the brakes in poker is an acquired skill that takes practice and patience to master. Experience really pays off for Dennis Rainville in a hand where he displays how good defense can, often times, prove to be the best offense!

Dennis R: A J

Middle Position (M.P.): K 10

Small Blind (SB): XX

Big Blind (BB): XX

At the 2500/5000/5000 level Dennis R. decides to come in for a call UTG+1. Action folds around to a player in Middle Position (MP) who decides to raise it up to a total of 12,000. Both blinds, BB and SB, make the call as we go 4-handed to a flop.

FLOP: 2♣ Q♣ 5♣

Absolute DREAM flop for Dennis R. as he flops the absolute nuts, an "A" high flush. Both blinds opt to check over to Dennis R. who decides to "wait in the weeds" and hope that the pre-flop raiser continues aggressively behind! His wish is granted as the original raiser elects to continuation bet (C-Bet), this time to a total of 23,000. Both blinds fold back to Dennis R. who, again, decides it's too premature to reveal the strength of his hand and elects to smooth call behind.


The turn comes down pairing the board, and Dennis R. again decides to stick to the script and check over to his opponent who this time fires out a bet of 41,000! "The jig is up!" Dennis R. snap shoves his remaining 86,000 in chips into the middle of the pot. Having unfortunately priced themselves in, M.P, lays the call seeing the bad news! They are drawing completely dead. Although the river brings the "6♣" improving the "K" high to the "second nut flush," its no match for the "A" high and Dennis' plan pays off in a major way!

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