Play Little win BIG?! Carlos “Ca-RUSHES” Stud!

Congrats to one of the Boston Billiard good guys, Carlos, on an absolute SMASH!! of a hand in Mississippi Stud earlier this week proving the old adage “play little (cards) win big (money)!”

Starting off with just a $6 ante Carlos was dealt the 6 ♥️ 3 ♥️. Not knowing the great fortune ahead of him, he decided to continue on with the hand picking up a STRAIGHT FLUSH DRAW with the appearance of the 7♥️ and 5♥️!!

Putting up one additional bet before the final card as a “just in case,” the table could be heard all around the club chanting “Four of hearts!” “Four of hearts!” and BA-BOOM! Their chants were answered 🤯🥳!!

All in all Carlos received ONE HUNDRED TIMES his $30 bet netting him a whopping total of $3,000!! Way to go buddy well-deserved 👍🏻. Who’s going to be next?!

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