Mississippi Stud Jackpots are JUICED!

Updated: Mar 23

As displayed by one of BBC&C’s top-notch dealers, Kaley, is presenting all the Aces and Queens in a standard, 52 card deck and for good reason!

Our rolling “Mississippi Madness” bonus has just seen both quad A’s & Q’s enter into the $4,000 realm! Exciting news for all of our stud players. Now with only placing a $10 bet, a player can hit for $7,500 in just a single hand! Talk about opportunity 🔥💵🔥

See all the latest jackpot amounts as of 3/23/2022.

Come on by Boston Billiard Club & Casino and try your luck, these bonuses cost no extra money to qualify for and are running 7-days-a-week.

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