One, Two Punch for Zampitella. Davis Back on Track!

Steve Zampitella is a familiar name in multiple posts throughout our tournament blog. Both a former champion and final tablist, safe to say he’s got a knack for tournament poker. But when it’s not your day… it’s just not your day!

Toward the end of Level 10 blinds were 4K-2K-4K. Action folded around to Zampitella who shoved from the button with about 20 Big Blinds. Small Blind (SB) folded around to our Big Blind (BB) Damien Davis who SNAPPED with the holy grail of hole cards… A❤️A♠️.

Zampitella, seeing the bad news, turned over his Q♦️10♠️ and was unable to gain any traction. He was drawing dead as the A♦️ hit the turn.

A few hands later Zampitella shoves again, crippled, from the Hi-Jack(HJ). Almost like deja vu Davis was in right behind from the button. Steve Z showed A❤️10♠️ to Davis’ 10♦️10❤️. The board ran out dry and Davis eliminated the former champ with a “one, two punch.”

Damien Davis now sits over a 200k stack, well above chip average for the day. Have to give the man props, his patience prevailed. He bided his time waiting to pick up some spots and reaped the rewards when they finally came. Good luck to you and the remaining 25 players!

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