“Nothing Sweeter than a (Three)-Peater!”

Congrats to our friend (featured above) who reaped the rewards from one of the many great, pit promotions offered at Boston Billiard Club & Casino.

Here is how to qualify for our newly released “Roulette Repeater Jackpot…”

This fortunate player had $2+ in bets straight up on the red, number nine as it hit 3 times sequentially netting him a $1,000 reward on top of his collective winnings 🙌🙌

This promotion runs Sundays-Wednesdays at BBCC and like so many of our player friendly promotions costs ZERO extra dollars to qualify for. Come in, play roulette as you normally would and with the right timing you too can win the JACKPOT 🔥💵🔥!

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