Nothing “Sweeter” Than a Roulette Repeater!

Updated: Mar 5

Well, that didn’t take too long!

Just FOUR DAYS into our “Roulette Repeater” promotion and we already have our first cash prize winner!

Congrats to K.T. on her absolute SMASH on the roulette wheel. Good news, bad news. The bad news is unfortunately, she missed out on the “4-peat” for $5,000. The good news is, she caught the final 3 for $2,500 slightly after hitting a “FULLY FLOWERED” 9 for $860 🙌🙌. In just 6 spins K.T walked away with over $3,300 in winnings. Not too shabby!

For this introductory period, the promotion is currently running SEVEN-DAYS-A-WEEK at Boston Billiard Club & Casino and like so many of our pit promotions, costs the players ZERO extra dollars to qualify for. Simply come in and play the game as you normally would with a chance win over $25,000 💵!

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