NH Tournament Poker Reg, Cristallini, Bags 261K in chips for Day 2- (DAY 1B Highlights)

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Yesterday afternoon, we met NH Poker Tournament Regular, Antoinio Cristallini. Early on, Cristallini caught our attention as an early chip leader with 200K in chips when average stack was below 75K. We joked about how I had not caught much of his play early on, and I mainly saw him in this pose…..IDK 🤷🏻‍♀️?

Later in the day, we caught Cristallini in action scooping two back-to-back hands. Now I could see where his chips where coming from. In his first hand I capture, he makes poker look easy. Cristallini is heads up with Krinchelli (also a NH Tournament Poker Reg). He is able to slow play his flopped Aces, for three of a kind, against Krinchelli's pocket pair to pick up a 60K pot from his opponent.

The very next hand, Cristallini is dealt 9♥️9♣️. He is put in a crunch when the flop comes: 6♣️2♠️2♦️. He is heads up with his opponent, they both check the flop.

Turn: 6♥️

His opponent goes all-in on the turn and puts some serious pressure on his middle pair. Cristallini ends up calling and finds his opponent on a bluff with Q♠️T♥️, leading to the elimination of seat 8.

Cristallini made making 100K look easy, now only if it were real money 💰!


DAY 1B: 7th in chips/18 remaining

1A & 1B: 15th in chips/36 remaining

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