New Year, New High Hands

As we enter the new year we are happy to announce the arrival of some new, weekly poker promotions we are excited to bring to our loyal players 🎉

This coming Thursday, January 6, we unveil the curtain on Thousand Dollar Thursdays with over $7,000 going out in payouts throughout the day!

A bit more complex than some of our pre-existing high hands, the concept is simple. In a 3 hour block the three highest hands of each hour will be paid 1st, 2nd, 3rd for $1,000, $500, $300. Here’s an example:

In the first block (12PM-3PM) lets say the highest hand from 12PM-1PM is quads, highest hand from 1PM-2PM is a full-house and highest hand from 2PM-3PM is a straight flush. The payouts will go:

$1,000 - Straight Flush

$500 - Quads

$300- Full House

It’s still going to be the highest hand of the HOUR just need to wait for the block to complete to see how much you’ll be getting paid. When one block is completed a new block begins with 4 separate THREE HOUR BLOCKS running throughout the day. Four players are walking away with $1,000 GUARANTEED on Thursdays… come take your shot to be one of them!

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