New Players' Club Raffle Qualifiers

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

A little over two weeks away from our month-end Players' Club raffle and there is still plenty of time to win a ticket(s) and get yourself a chance at winning some great prizes!

There’s some new additions/changes to the qualifiers. We’ve tweaked the Double Suited Match in Spanish 21, not now include any two suited matches in the same hand. Example: If the dealers up card is 6❤️ and player has two 6❤️’s they’ll receive a ticket. If dealers up card is K ♠️ and down card is 7♣️ and player has K♠️7♣️ that qualifies as well! Just have to be playing the match bets to receive a ticket!

You can win an entry to our drawing in all of our table games offered in one way or another. Come in and try your luck on your favorite game or take a tour and try them all!

Visit the Table Games section of our site to learn more!

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