Multi-way all-in between A♥️A♦️ vs. K♥️K♦️ vs. J♠️J♦️= 🔥

We see all too often in this game where the best hand at the start ends up crushed at the end by the river card.

Fortunately for this player holding the Red Hot ACES the board runs out dry with no connecting cards for his opponents with Pocket Kings and Pocket Jacks.

Board runs out: 6 2 Q 3 10

The young lady in green with Pocket Jacks was the chip leader at the start of the hand. No players ended up eliminated in this massive hand. Two things you typically never see coupled together, Aces holding and three large hands, nobody knocked out.

This hand happened right before the break. We are an hour into the return of play and all players remain still remain in the running.

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