MLK Multi-Flight Payouts: 11th-33rd

We have awarded 11th place thru 33rd place for today's event. Check out who's cashed in today's final day of the MLK Multi-Flight event:

11th Place: Paul Mondello- $1,000

12th Place: Edward Kalil- $850

13th Place: Doug Palmacci -$700

14th Place: Peter Liberatore- $600

15th Place: Andrew Buckley- $550

16th Place: Rich Aho- $550

17th Place: Michael Palmacci- $500

18th Pace: Jeremy Archambault-$500

19th Place: Enzo Giacubbo-$500

20th Place: Aaron Forrest-$450

21st Place: David Peters- $450

22nd Place: Craig Tucker- $450

23rd Place: Vanpaseuth X - $400

24th Place: Joseph Campiglia- $400

25th Place: Bill Caron- $400

26th Place: Melissa Goulet- $350

27th Place: Doug Eckstein- $350

28th Place: Greg Sullivan- $350

29th Place: Mark Martin- $300

30th Place: Paul Gearan- $300

31st Place: Bruce Cantwell- $300

32nd Place: Bob Szum-$300

33rd Place: Michael Stewart- $300

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