MLK Final Table Assignments & Chip Counts

Right at 3:00pm, we went down to a ten handed final table for the BBC&C MLK Multi-Flight Event. Below is the following list of players in order by seat number:

Seat 1: Ozzi Diaz- 1.4 MIL

Seat 2: Kyle Chalifoux- 4.6 MIL

Seat 3: Michael Philbin-Pellano- 300K

Seat 4: George Champey- 125K

Seat 5: Senhao Chao- 65K

Seat 6: Ruidi Cao- 700K

Seat 7: Jimmy Ciampa- 2.4 MIL

Seat 8: Andrew Agyemang- 800K

Seat 9: Daniel Sheehan- 1.1 MIL

Seat 10: Hasjir Hosseiroozbehani- 1.3 MIL

Good luck gentleman on making it to the final table! We are excited to see how the next few hours pan out and who fights their way to the $15,000 grand prize.

*All chip counts are estimates and have not been verified.

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