Mississippi Stud Madness!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

BBC&C is happy to announce our latest addition to our ever growing pit rewards: “Mississippi Stud Madness!

The concept is simple. If a lucky player hits the selected quads on the qualifying hour they win the regular payouts PLUS the rolling jackpot. Example: If a player were to receive 4-of-a-kind Q’s at 1:15 PM, said individual would receive a 35-1 payout in addition to whatever the jackpot amount is at. Currently all jackpots have increased to $1,200!

There’s a lot of player friendly benefits to this bonus. No extra money is needed to qualify! Simply show up, grab some chips and play the game as you normally would and maybe it’ll be your lucky day! Also, the bonus can be won with or without a pocket pair. Just has to be in the qualifying hour!

Already word is starting to spread as the jackpots are growing right in time for the holiday season. This promotion will be running 12 hours a day, 7 days a week! Come in and take a shot at some extra holiday cash 👍🏻

See the Mississippi Stud Madness page on our site for up-to-date jackpot info!

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