Marc C. Battles the Blinds!

With just shy of 40 players remaining in this Day 1A flight, player Marc C. pulls in a timely pot as he battles against the blinds!

Marc C: J♠️9♠️ Big Blind (BB): K♠️3♠️ Small Blind (SB): X X

With blinds at 2,000/4,000 and a BB ante of 4,000, Marc C. opens action with a limp UTG followed by three more calls to the small blind (SB). After a few seconds of deliberating, SB comes in for a raise of 19,000 immediately followed by a “three-bet” all-in by the big blind (BB) for 31,500. Both Marc C. and the SB make the call as we go three-handed to a flop:

Flop: 5♠️ 3♣️ 9♣️

SB elects to “check” first to act as Marc C. quickly answers back by shoving all-in! After a few seconds of deliberating SB decides to throw it the towel and fold. Although not in great shape, the BB’s K♠️3♠️ does have a little life, until the door is quickly slammed shut by the 9♦️ on the turn! A useless 2♥️ on the river changes nothing as the fate was sealed and Marc C. takes down a major pot at a critical stage of the tournament!

Only 25 players remain as we make our way to the 6,000-3,000-6,000 blind level!

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