Lori Gleason is in the Thick of it

As the tournament enters Level 10 we have exactly half (45 players) of the field remaining in the Boston Billiard Club & Casino President’s Day $250 Day 1B Flight.

Still in the fight is “local legend” Lori Gleason sitting around the 300,000 chip mark. If you’ve regularly played tournament poker in the NH/New England region, odds are you’ve seen or played with L.G. once or twice. Especially if you’ve made a deep run! Let’s just say appearances can be deceiving haha.

Lori Gleason has been playing in the local charity rooms for years now and has seen tournament success at all of them. Although her appearance is as sweet as her table demeanor… DO NOT BE DECEIVED! She is an excellent tournament player and will have you eliminated and driving home talking to yourself before you can even process what happened (Speaking from experience 😉).

Good like to the final 50% as you make your way down to the final two tables and (hopefully) find a Day 2 bag 👍🏻

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