Long takes out Opponent early in the tournament!

Long is the small blind-SB and ends up in a 5-way multi-action hand when the opponent he ends up eliminating raises 15K pre-flop.

Flop: A♣️ A♦️ K♣️

Long leads post flop for 13K. The big blind-BB and button-B fold, turning the action to Forand, in middle position. Forand thinks for a few moments and pushes all-in for about 30K. The player between Long and Forand folds as well. Long quickly calls and reveals a power hand:

Long: A♠️ Q♦️ (flopped three of a kind) ✔️

Forand: 5♣️ 4♣️ (flopped, small flush draw- any unpaired club crushes Long)

Turn: J♠️

River: 3♠️

Cards run smooth in Long's favor, black cards but NO CLUBS, which leads the way to his early chip lead after the first break.

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