Let's Welcome our Final Table!

The final table has started with some solid chip counts! No starting stack falls under 500K. It can really be anyone's game at this point as Du Nay is the only one of today's top 5 starting stacks to make the final table. Nay sits 2nd in chips with 2M to Graham Ketteridge who has 3M in chips. Ketteridge started the day with 178K in chips.

The following players are ranked in order of highest chip counts:

1st: Graham Ketteridge: 3,000,000 (seat 2)

2nd: Du Nay: 2,000,000 (seat 4)

3rd: Sean Cushings: 1,890,000 (seat 9)

4th: Adam's Roomate: 1,240,000 (seat 8)

5th: Mark Sullivan: 1,165,000 (seat 1)

6th: Dave Thompson: 1,000,000 (seat 5)

7th: Chris Cody: 565,000 (seat 7)

8th: Sean McGrillis: 530,000 (seat 6)

9th: Louis Guaderna: 500,000 (seat 3)

10th: Bob Glendyne: 500,000 (seat 10)

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