L.I.P.S. Tourney Recap

Updated: Mar 8

We had an excellent turn out at Boston Billiard Club & Casino this past Sunday for our L.I.P.S. $150 Ladies Event.

With 79 entries, the prize pool fell just shy of $10,000, with Debra Fletcher taking 1st place for the “lion share” of $3,100! Congrats again Deb 👍🏻

Presenting the finalists and payouts:

1st) Debra Fletcher $3100

2nd) Heidi Alexander $1800

3rd) Laura Cardenas $1200

4th) Keisha Taylor $1000

5th) Lisa Seely $700

6th) Theresa Robinson $550

7th) Susan Corroto $400

8th) Lori Gleason $300

9th) Gina Barile $230

10th) Patty Buontempo $200

Quite the mix of players on the final table (featured above) with a few “New Hampshire poker notables” seeing some success. Lori Gleason finished in 8th place, besting 90% of the field. (You may remember Lori from our past $250 holiday tournament blog).

Laura Cardenas won the bronze, finishing in 3rd place and walking away with $1,200! Patty Buontempo, long time New Hampshire poker friend, also snuck in to a 10th place finish once the bubble burst!

All in all it was great seeing some familiar and new faces here at BBC&C! Hope all participants enjoyed the event and look forward to seeing you all at the next one.

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