Krinchelli Doubles up Cummings in Heads Up All-in..

Avi Krichelli, NH Poker Tournament Reg

Avi Krichelli (pictured above) has been playing tournament poker long enough to know when it’s time to make a move to build his stack. Unfortunately this time it did not work in his favor when he ends up all-in pre-flop with his opponent, Louis Cummings (pictured below).

Louis Cummings

Krinchelli pre-flop raises, essentially under the gun (UTG), when the actual UTG player folds. Blinds are 600/1200 when Krinchelli raises to 3K in chips. A fold occurs by the player in between Krinchelli and Cummings. Cummings immediately pushes all-in for 10 X the bet, total of 33K in chips. All other players fold in between. Krinchelli thinks for a short time and calls the all-in bet he is facing. Both players flip their hand, Krinchelli‘s Ace is dominated:

Cummings: A♥️ K♣️ Krinchelli: A♦️ Q♠️

Board Runs Out: J♣️ 10♥️ 5♣️ 2♥️ 8♣️

Cummings is finally able to gain the momentum he was looking for, as I caught him on several occasions all-in with folds all around. The squirrel gets the nut every now and again!

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