Kismidis starts DAY 2, 5th in chips...

Stavros Kismidis ( pictured below) started DAY 2 TIED at 5th largest chips stack for 423K with BBC&C regular cash player, Alex Roukas. Kismidis played strong on DAY 1A, finishing 2nd in chips for his flight.

Stavros Kismidis, pictured DAY 1A

After two hours of play on DAY 2, Kismidis had around 250K, when he lost 200K heads up in an all-in with his opponent in seat 9. It just goes to show how quickly things can change in this crazy game.

Kismidis was busted out of DAY 2 a few hands after. He was all-in with his 55K in remaining chips, just players away from the BUBBLE. The big (BB) calls his late position all-in.

Kimidis: K♠️ T ♥️

BB opponent: A♠️ 5♠️✅

Board: Q♦️5♣️ Q♥️ 2♣️ 7♥️

Thank you for joining us this Labor Day Weekend, we look forward to hopefully seeing you Columbus Day Weekend for our next, two day event!

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