“Kings Landing”

Updated: Mar 10

Extra special congrats to Ann Marie who hit the Fan-Ta-Syyyy (hand).

She saw Quad Kings landing in the at the PERFECT time. Not only did she hit the maximum payout for $3,500 for her $10 quads… but the hand hit in the correct “Mississippi Madness” hour to give her the KKKK’s jackpot as well, delivering her a total payout of $4,200! Wow 🤩. Not too shabby for just a $10 bet…

This is the third time the “Mississippi Madness” jackpot has paid out and two of the prizes have been completely untouched. If you receive AAAA or QQQQ in the corresponding hour you will receive and ADDITIONAL $3,600+ to go with your payout! Come on by the club and give it a shot, this promotion is running 7-days-a-week and you qualify to win just by playing the game. 👍🏻

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