Jordan ♥️‘s the ACTION!

If you have ever met Silvia Jordan, then you know she is anything BUT dull! Jordan loves to be bold, from her nails to her table talk, and obviously enjoys flashing the RED ACES (A♥️ A♦️) ✅

Pre-flop, Jordan opens for 5K in mid-position (MP). Folds around to the big blind (BB). The BB, pushes all-in with Queens. Jordan flips over her Aces. The board comes out Jack high, with no other connecting cards for the pair of Queens. Jordan takes out her female opponent in seat 4, whom she came to the table with from their original starting table less than one hour prior.

Jordan has been in the poker ring for quite some time as both a player and dealer. Where I first met Jordan was at the Encore Dealer Training School in Spring 2019 prior to the Grand Opening. My favorite Silvia moment is her referring to her classmates as "Fishcakes" when they were training, as it was a practice/play environment, and most trainees were brand new to even playing poker. We have both parted ways from Massachusetts Poker since then, but it is always a pleasure to see Silvia! This PROUD MOMMA BEAR 💃🏻🐻 is also sporting her Northeastern University sweat shirt, as her daughter Jaz has just begun her first semester at this renowned Boston University. Wishing Silvia some luck in this weekend's tournament- as college is prettyyyy expensive, especially in Boston!

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