Jane “The Train” Parenteau finds a Triple Up!

One of the current big stacks in the field, Jane Parenteau, is proof to the expression that “patience is a virtue.” She is a metaphorical “freight train” right now crushing anything that gets on the tracks! Here‘s the key hand that started the momentum!

Parenteau- 10♣️10♥️ Small Blind (SB)- 9♥️8♦️ Middle Position (MP)- A♠️10♠️

Blinds at 400/800 local legend Bob Jepson opens to 2,000 UTG +1. With 3 calls behind action swings around to the small blind (SB) who decides to shove “ALL-IN” for 19,200. Jepson and one caller fold to player in middle position (MP) who, after deliberating for some time, made the call. Parenteau decided to call as well as they went 3 handed to the flop with one player “all-in.”

Flop: 10♦️2♠️ 4♣️

With “MP” and Parenteau heads up for a side pot “MP” decided to check followed by a Snap All-In from Parenteau behind for 15,900. “MP” decided to lay the call which put Parenteau at risk as well!

With a J♦️turn the SB picked up some outs with an open ended straight draw, but the A♦️river provided zero help, and although “MP’s” hand improved to “Aces Up,” it was still less than enough to take down Parenteau’s set!

SB- Eliminated

MP- 47,200

Parenteau- 94,600

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