Hinkle Busts Cash Reg, Murphy!

Ryan Murphy (pictured left) flopped a club flush draw with A♣️10♣️. The missed run out leads to his tournament elimination just a few players away from the DAY 2 Bubble. Murphy's 75K all-in is only slightly covered by Michael Hinkle (pictured below). The hand is definitely a nail biter, as Hinkle has 8♠️ 7♠️ and flops a STRAIGHT.

Board runs out: 9♣️ 6♠️ 5♣️ 4♦️ Q♥️

Michael Hinkle (pictured below, right) thirty minutes earlier knocks out the player he arrives at the table with from a broken table... & on their first hand dealt at the new table! This is also the same table Gupta has taken charge of just hands before! Tons of action on table 800 in the tournament pit!

Hinkle and the one seat immediately end up heads up pre-flop after the player, who is also the big blind (BB), raises to 12K. Hinkle calls.

Flop: 2♦️K♣️ Q♣️

The BB checks. Hinkle bets 21K. The BB goes all-in. Hinkle immediately calls with A♥️ K♥️.

Turn: 5♠️

River: 5♥️

The BB has J♥️ 10♥️ and misses his open-ended straight draw.

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