Gupta on a Rush!

Priyavrat Gupta (pictured below) knocks out the player sitting to his immediate right while still stacking a hefty win from the previous hand!

In the first hand, Gupta, under the gun (UTG) doubles through the small blind (SB). Gupta flops a set of Jacks with his J♥️J♠️ against his opponent's K♥️Q♠️, bringing his chip total to just under 350K after the hand.

The VERY NEXT HAND, Gupta knocks out the player sitting to his right (SB). The player raises in the SB pre-flop to 23K. Gupta goes all-in. The SB calls with approximately 50K chips.

Gupta: K♠️T♠️

All-In Player: A♠️ K♥️

Gupta is dominated pre-flop and flops a straight flush/flush draw picking up a ton of outs, just not the A♠️ since his opponent is holding it.

Board runs out: 9♠️ J♠️ J♣️ 3♣️ Q♣️

Gupta knocks out his opponent on the river with a straight (actual photo finish pictured above).

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