“Full Hollywood Deployed”

Early level action arose between local legend Timothy “Don” Fisher and another player in middle position as they went heads up to a flop...

Tim Fisher: A♠️Q♣️ Middle Position (MP): K♦️10♦️

With blinds at the 200/400 level Fisher opened UTG+1 to a standard 3x raise of 1,200 with the player to his left “MP” laying the call behind. Action folded around as the two went to a flop.

Flop: 5♦️10♣️8♥️

Fisher “checked” first to act and “MP” bet 1,200. Fisher called.

Turn: J♣️

Fisher again elected to “check” as this time “MP” fired a bet of 2,500. Fisher, again, laid the call behind.

River: K♠️

No sooner did the river hit did Fisher fire all his chips into the middle (47,200) putting “MP” to the test for all of his remaining chips. After a short tank, “MP” made the call with two-pair to see the disappointing news that Fisher had rivered “Broadway”, the absolute nuts.

Fisher: 97,800

MP: Eliminated

I need you to keep in mind,” Fisher said after the hand, “I had full Hollywood deployed.” Action continues as players head to level 4.

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