Friel dressed SHARP for a Reason!

Didn't we just see this guy?! Kevin Friel is looking to get noticed today in his purple shirt and black scally hat! Right after the break he takes the chip lead with 150K in chips (3 X Starting Stack)!

As noted in the previous post, Friel started level 5 with approximately 100K in chips. A few hands in, he ends up heads up taking a pot for approximately 20K. Immediately after, he ends up heads up on an all-in with an opponent bringing him to the CHIP LEAD. Hand plays out as follows:

Five to the flop, called 800 Big Blind (BB)

Flop: 6♥️ J♠️ 8♣️

Friel leads for 2K after three players check to him, player behind him calls, all others fold

Turn: 7♦️

Friel bets 4K on the turn, opponent shovels all-in for 19K, Friel calls

River: 8♠️

Friel wins with: 10♦️ 9♠️ (Turned, open ended straight)

Opponents hand: 9♣️ 5♣️ (Turned, gutter-ball straight)

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